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Ada Hoffmann
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I'm a Canadian speculative fiction author / poet, a queer autistic woman, a PhD student in computer science (that's my "day job"), and a general all-round overthinker. This is my journal.

If you're here for the writing: A full list of my published work is here. Highlights include two stories in Strange Horizons last year, a spot in the Imaginarium 2012 year's best anthology, and a Rhysling award nomination.

If you're here for the autism: You might be especially interested in my book reviews.

Friending Policy: Go right ahead! I don't mind. I'll probably at least peek at your journal in return; I may or may not add you back, depending on various vague and mercurial factors which are not entirely within your control. If you want to actually interact with me, the best strategy is commenting on one of my posts.

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